RJ's SQL Server and MySQL Notes

Notes on SQL Server and MySQL

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The list includes links to PDF documents.

SQL Server

A paper discussing Data Replication using SQL Server.

A paper discussing Database Performance Transparency.

Part two of a two-part discussion of a real-world ETL example using SSIS entitled ETL Magic with SSIS – Part II.

Part One of a two-part discussion of a real-world ETL example using SSIS entitled ETL Magic with SSIS – Part I.

A paper discussing Performance Monitoring with Dynamic Management Views.

A paper providing an Introduction to Indexes in SQL Server.

A paper providing a perspective on the DBA role; So You Want to be a DBA.

A paper discussing managing database indexes.

A short booklet discussing various SQL Server topics: The SQL Server Knowledge Booklet.

A paper describing SQL Server Development Standards.

A paper discussing methods for Identifying Performance-Enhancing Indexes.

A paper describing a SQL Server Instance Health Monitoring Tool.

Data Security

A paper discussing data encryption with SQL Server: Data Insecurity: A Perspective on Data Encryption.

A planning guide for implementing TDE – Transparent Database Encryption in SQL Server: A Planning Guide.

A simple questionnaire to help define HA / DR requirements.

General Technology

A paper discussing the management of scripts- Software Reuse: The Script Manager.

A paper discussing Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.

A paper examining the effectiveness of Automating the Inmate Classification System using an Inference Data Engine.

A paper discussing Requirement Driven Software Engineering.

A paper discussing Knowledge Discovery with Customer Relationship Management Systems.

Other Topics

A booklet discussing identity theft titled Social Insecurity: The End of Privacy.

A paper discussing  Supporting Life-Long Learning with Constructivist Web-based Instruction.

A paper discussing methods to Motivate Excellence.

A paper discussing Entrenched Mediocrity.

A paper discussing Solvability in Combinatorial Mathematics.

A paper examining One-to-One Smooth Rings and Modern Formal Lie Theory.

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