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Data Science Calling

Posted by rjssqlservernotes on September 17, 2014

Data science provides an exciting opportunity for database professionals to proliferate into a world of wonder. The field of data science represents the merging of distinct skill sets providing an opportunity for some self-education.


So, what’s a DBA to do? As IT professionals we have innate abilities to quickly adapt to the challenges of a new technical environment encompassing specific business domains; therefore, the ability to gain some level of “Domain Expertise” is assumed as is the “Computer Science” expertise. Most CS degree programs require significant mathematics expertise; however, not generally a serious focus on statistics; therefore, this sub-domain of the data science world may be a challenge as may be developing competency with machine learning algorithms.
However, I don’t believe that either machine learning or statistics would pose a challenge to most database professionals. Yes, extracurricular study will be required, but if your career, like mine, has required developing expertise in multiple programming languages, computing environments, tools, etc. then spending a few months learning isn’t novel. In fact, this self-training should be embraced as a means of enhancing our professional abilities; i.e. marketability.


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