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Wake Up Call

Posted by rjssqlservernotes on November 9, 2013

A couple years ago I authored a paper entitled Entrenched Mediocrity suggesting that the IT workers can easily be divided into three categories: the motivated-doer, the do-what-I’m-told, and the do-nothing.  It has been my experience in 25 years in the IT industry that the vast majority of IT workers fall into the second category performing at a level that protects them from admonishment from management but never contributing new ideas or energy to the company.  Furthermore, I believe that 10%-20% of the industry’s workforce are useless or worse.

Yahoo, since Marissa Mayer, has decided to purge their ranks using a system of ranking employees similar to the categories defined in my paper albeit with somewhat more politically correct nomenclature:

hires640Read the source article.

I suggest that this form of employee evaluation should be the standard providing incentive for every employee to constantly improve themselves, to commit to self-education, and to maintain a high level of motivation.  Is the system perfect? No.  But, it works to cull the dead-weight from the ranks and allow those employees that can to produce.

The result of Yahoo’s program to re-energize innovation has been predictable: whining.


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