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Contained Databases in SQL Server 2012

Posted by rjssqlservernotes on September 21, 2012

The process of database migration is now easier than ever with the Contained Database feature in SQL Server 2012.  A Contained Database (properly referred to as a Partially Contained Database) has become a fully encapsulated object providing definitive separation of the database and the instance.  The containment of database objects and configuration metadata allows for moving a database in a single step. The image below demonstrates the encapsulation of database specific metadata in the Contained Database:

Contained databases support both Windows and SQL Server authentication by allowing the creation of Windows authenticated logins using the same process as previous versions of SQL Server as well as Contained Logins created within the Contained Database.  The Contained Login is NOT stored in master.sys.logins.  The authentication process for Windows-based logins uses the same process as previous versions of SQL Server while Contained Logins are authenticated against the Contained database first.  If the Contained login is not found in the Contained database, then the authentication is performed at the instance level; however, if the Contained login fails at the Contained database level because of an incorrect password, then the connection is terminated.

As with any new feature there are benefits and risks associated with the use of Contained databases; this missive includes a brief introduction to the benefits leaving the more detailed discussion to another medium.

Watch my Contained Database presentation.


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