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So you want to be a database administrator – Part I

Posted by rjssqlservernotes on September 25, 2010

I don’t want to address what makes a “good” DBA because any answer may be considered subjective instead I’d like to discuss what to expect as a DBA.  Specifically, I’d like to discuss the responsibilities you, as a DBA, will be expected to fulfill and the knowledge required by those responsibilities.  This discussion should not be considered and is not intended to be the source of all knowledge related to DBA responsibilities, my exposure in the field is limited to my own specialization; however, I hope that this discussion may provide a starting point for someone interested in launching their career as a DBA.

A database administrator is ultimately responsible for providing efficient access to the data in the database as well as the security and integrity of the data.  In support of these overarching responsibilities the DBA role within an organization may be assigned the following specific responsibilities:

  • Database planning, design and implementation
  • Database system monitoring, installation, backup and restore, maintenance, and upgrade
  • Database security
  • Database performance
  • Data warehouse support

In smaller organizations these responsibilities may be assigned to a single individual; however, in other organizations the responsibilities are assigned to specific roles filled by separate individuals within the database support department.  Although all database administrators may share a common set of knowledge, specialization is necessary to effectively accomplish the responsibilities of the specific roles within a database support department.


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